The Goods Paw is Here

Hello World!

If you find this article, that means you are on the official website of The Goods Paw. We are so happy to announce to you that finally, we have our own website.

On this website, we will start to list all of our products. Also, we will inform you anything about what we will do about the latest product, news or discount in the next future, so you will never miss anything!

What is The Goods Paw?

The Goods Paw (TGP) is a virtual department store for local brands in Indonesia that focuses on providing goods for pets. We help pet owners to find the best product possible, so they can improve the quality of their pet life.

As one of the local brands in Indonesia, we are focus to deliver premium quality, hype and luxury product for pets owner. Of course, by supporting the local business in Indonesia.

How to Find The Products Catalog?

Soon or later, you can find the product catalogue on this website. Our team still need to ensure that our website is ready to handle the transactions and shipping.

For this time, you can find all of our products on our Instagram and Shopee. Please kindly take a look at the links page.

Are TGP part of The Goods Dept?

No, we are not affiliated with the Goods Dept and not related to of any their business line. The Goods Paw share the same spirit and idea to help the local business in Indonesia.

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