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Ingredients :
Beef , Duck Neck, Beef Heart, Green Tripe, Mackerel, Oyster, Beef liver ,Beef Spleen , Kale, Blueberries, Chia Seed , Kelp Powder, Vitamin E

​​Beef meat is red meat proteins that are more nutritious than white-meat proteins because of more protein levels, fats. mineral and water-soluble vitamins then green tripe have 1:1 balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio , beef heart contains high levels of B vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, Mackerel provides the most EPA and DHA in comparison to other fatty fish they has high levels of Vitamin D. Oysters has high concentration of zinc but don’t be panic human, we only used small amount of it, Beef liver is a source of vitamin A that will help to our kiddos digestion it has higher source of folic acid, Vitamins B, iron, and cooper. While, beef spleen is high in the amino acid and it is very beneficial for puppies development, Kale is high in fiber but low in carbs that has vitamin K, folate and Vitamin C, Blueberries is high in the antioxidants but also have anti-carcinogenic properties , then Chia seed is the source of manganese. Kelp powder that contains 60 different minerals and vitamins and has 21 amino acids. Lastly, Vitamin E provides a strong immune system, a healthy gut, and supports their eyes and skin.

Ratio Breakdown:
Muscle Meat 63%
Edible Bone 12,2%
Produce 10,9%
Seafood 7,3%
Secreting Organs 6,5%

Macro Nutrient (1000 kcal/673 GR):
Moisture 51,30%
Cruide Protein 14,5%
Fat 10,20%
Carbohydrates 1,29%
Ash 2,33%

Our Raw Food is made with
100% Human Grade Ingredients
100% No Additive, preservatives and other nasty Stuff

All of our Recipe is balanced formulated by US certified canine nutritionist according to AAFCO & NRC Recommended Allowance for Dog.

Produk mentah WAJIB menggunakan jasa kirim SAMEDAY/INSTANT agar kesegaran produk terjamin 😉 .

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Beef, Duck & Mackerel Raw Dog Food | Rocky n Co

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